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New blog

Dear friends..

I won't be using livejournal anymore...my new site is in blogpsot. suanlin.blogspot.com
Yea, so feel free to drop by at my new blog and leave comments if you wish to yea.. Sorry livejournal, have to abandon you..hehe.

Sorry for the inconvenience.lol. =)



Prepared, people?

Clothes..pretty and beautiful these days.Image.

Shoes..very attractive and will still be.Comfort.

Cars..its everyone's favourite, we can't deny it.Convenience.

We used to hear the english adage goes 'save for the rainy days', i guess its about time we open our umbrellas now.. Its already drizzling for most of us and in time to come, it'll be raining cats and dogs for all..Life will be much tougher but i think we could pull through if we work out our own budget. It will continue like this if the market stays low and in fact the whole world is affected.. but its never too late to start saving now.

A trip to Langkawi

Last month i went on a holiday trip with my family - Langkawi. We flew there and rented a car to go around. Langkawi changed quite a bit ever since the last time i went..about a few years ago. Though there were kids around, still it was much more fun than the previous time. Find out more..

Honestly, there's nothing much in Langkawi except for alcohol and chocolates..The best part was to have a map and go round exploring the island yourself..and I love that. We went to the marine park, the cable car to look at the view of langkawi(the andaman sea actually), some duty free shops and hang out around Chenang beach. I guess its the most popular beach in Langkawi. Most of the expensive resorts are around there.. The best time i've had was during the boat trip to the Kilim Geoforest Park.

The trip includes visiting the Pulau Kasut(just show you the island pretty much looks like a shoe), Bat cave(the bats are really scary though they were sleeping),Floating restaurant(on stilts actually..selling fresh seafood), crocodile cave(theres no crocodile..just a name) and eagle feeding..this is fun. I've never seen so many eagles in my life. Fascinated by their sharp eyes and so many of them came together. The journey to Kilim Geoforest Park too about 30 minutes or more from where we board the boat..i think its Tanjung Rhu and the mangrove swamps looks really scary to me and so quiet compared to the open sea.

Dinner was just seafood. Every night. Some were nice and some were just okay. The best was the last dinner we had at the Chenang beach area. Great ambience and don't look much like a Chinese restaurant from the outside, more to contemporary style with good service and good food.Er..its quite expensive too.hehe. Chocolates..i didn't buy much as the expiry date was quite near(i won't be able to finish it by then) and..you know what, I think Langkawi is the one and only place i can find peanut butter kit kat in Malaysia..

I was quite exhausted that week as the next day after i came back from Langkawi i drove all the way up to Taiping to attend my relative's wedding. But..it was worth it i say, as..its been a long time since i've met up with my cousins..



Mother's Day

It was just another normal sunday.. Mother's day in our family isn't celebrated like other people..with fancy gifts and so forth just for mum.No no..we don't need that.hehe..Mum is much appreciated and loved at home.hehe.

Anyway, we had dinner in the Gardens that evening.. Tried out the Gurney Drive Delights since mum loves Penang food so much. Its on the third floor. Right, you won't get the ambience of Penang but the food is definitely Penang style..The food in the menu looks really tempting and bro ordered yea..a whole table of food. There were 6 of us and the waiter and waitress had a hard time placing the food on the table.. My God, they must be thinking we are PIRAHNAS..haha. Ouh well, its normal for us though.hehe..

Overall the food taste good and yummy yummy, delicious.. But some of it weren't as good as the original ones in Penang of course..I guess this is all individual opinions. You can try out if you're really craving for Penang food. ERm...last reminder:make sure you bring enough cash.hehe. Its really expensive.

A little insight

I've made my mind to post about things happening in the girls' hostel and no its not any secret. I think i've seen quite a bit for almost a year when i'm staying there. No doubt its my favourite place in the university. Really, it is comfortable. Well if you really want to compare my room with hostels in the other universities, i think mine is good. All along i was really quiet, it was a total different me when i studied there..So most of the time, i observed people.

We were lucky. All the chinese girl's rooms were very near to each other. Well,i mean the electrical engineering students. Normally we gather in one of the rooms and do everything there. Ate, joked, and so forth. Things were fine when we were in the first semester. My room was always said to be the best place to study, as it was quite quiet.. Things were new back then. Everyone have not adapt to it. Everything was normal, happy, the girls enjoyed it. 7 of us went to class, and 7 of us came back together. No separation. At night, we joined the crowd with the other girls from other sections and all were pretty fine.

And then...things changed. Slowly..

It started at the end of last semester..i think. Something wasn't right already. I think we started to sensed it. Things were running quite well still. After the finals, we had a month's break..

The beginning of second term was still alright, till one fine day when some were left out of a birthday discussion. One particular person took it as an offence..and conflict starts. Things started to pile up. Everything to her wasn't good..whatever they do.It just wasn't right. And she often see their weaknesses and mistakes in it. Hatred did not come by though. She just dislikes them. There was a separation later on. 7 people were separated into 2 groups. And then back in the hostel, slowly, everyone started separating. But just into 2 groups. So literally, two was the number.

Things change...drastically nowadays..

Everything that went on were no more together. Things were totally changed But well, we still live with it..Of course, the other party was left out from their activities in the hostel but not the ones that involve the whole class. The 7 went to class separately, sit, had lunch, and do everything separately. Then, criticism of one another started. I didn't like it. My classmates and I tried however to pull them back together but to no avail. The best way is to sit and talk, but they couldn't do it, so we just let it be. I know many people dislike two of my roomies..So, they really don't bother about both of them in my room. I'm not too sure if i'm involved in it, but we still talked like usual. So don't care. Recently, something worse popped up. Something which i thought we could all avoid. But no, it happened, and whats more when the girls from the other rooms knew about it. I bet it spread like wild fire. And i suppose they hate us a lot..i don't see any rationale to what's happening and i just couldn't understand why my dear roomate would think of something like it..It just saddens me. I think there's no way things will turn better the following term and i hope it does not get any worse.

One more thing, I have a feeling when people from a state outnumber the other states, they dominate the place. I don't know how to explain but i just don't like the way they talk and stuff like that. I'm getting really annoyed with it but since i'm not part of them, i shouldn't bother. And i daresay, some of us there stand alone despite being in a group. Does this happen to any of your place?..I really liked to know.I'm really curious about it.

when one starts breaking the vow

I've debated on the sanctity of marriage before in a debate session and yea it was a good one. Hehe..sharing views with one another while convincing the judge. Marriage is pure and beautiful that happens between two souls who are ready to have their own family, be responsible, to cherish each other for the better or worse. There is the vow agreed by both husband and wife and its supposed to be an unbreakable one. Due to immaturity or probably it really did not work out, many people have divorced. And it has become a trend for young couples to divorce these days. Its normal to many people. Now, i haven't been through this(OF COURSE..i haven't),and will not at the moment,maybe some day, so these are all personal opinion..you are free to point out your views.*my pleasure*

Its supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing and shouldn't be taken lightly. The day you decided to get married means you are and will be responsible for your family..That includes everything. Sometimes things change, but we all live with it. We have to. This if life. Adapt to the changes. When you have a family, every move you make may affect them..If you don't consider about the consequences, something disastrous will happen if its bad and otherwise. Things will be even more difficult especially when you have kids. They'll be the one who'll suffer more than the grown ups and this will affect them for life. And...more problems will occur..The roles of a husband and wife in a home are essential to uphold the family. Indirectly, when problems occur, both husband and wife did contribute to it. If family is your priority, i suppose you should see the matter from every side of it should any problems arise and rectify it as soon as possible.

Term II review

Oh yeay this marks the end of my second term in the university and i'm back at home already for 2 months break. Ouh well, i think some of you did ask me how was my second term and here it goes..I'm lazy to repeat the same thing over and over again..

The beginning of the term was really bad. Honestly. I had to re-adapt myself after the 1 month break before the term starts and i still remember myself whinning, complaining and being lost, somewhere in space i suppose.Hahah.. well, thanx to you guys who was with me when i needed to talk and of course my parents who have supported me always and always. Couldn't thank enough. Anyway, as some of you know, I often go home after friday classes. Couldn't help it(My class ends at 12pm). I took yea quite some time to re-build myself to whole-heartedly study there. But if you ask me, i'll still complain about the place but it seldom happen.I've trained myself well. =)

All the classes were equally alright and i especially liked computer programming this semester. I don't know why...but lecturers seem to think girls hated it so much so that i remembered my lecturer told us on the first day of class that the guys will end up getting an A and the girls will get C for C programming.hehe..Well, it totally rhyme, but Sir, we proved you wrong!! I'm not bragging, but i think the girls have scored pretty well..He is a nice lecturer too and wasn't really the fierce type from what we've experienced in a presentation with him last semester. I enjoyed doing the project this semester too..At least i know what i was actually working on this time and how it would look like in the end. And yea..i think we did a good job. So, there were no regrets. What's past is past and lets move on. Its all for knowledge and experience.

Friendship this term didn't work well among the girls..Something went truly wrong due to a small misunderstanding between 3 people(Alright..I'm not one of the 3) and it isn't solved till this day, just quieten a little bit. It had caused us to separate into two groups which i really dislike it and this conflict thing has been spreading around the first years. People from different gender, races and courses realizes it and kept asking around. Yea, its become famous which its not a good thing at all. And then another problem popped up just before the term ended..I haven't got an idea how it happen, why would it happen and..i don't see the rationale of it. This will be a big problem, another unsolved mystery. I'll write more about it in the next post(hopefully). Sometimes i think girls cannot stay together otherwise lots of problem will pop up due to their big mouth at times, they gossip everywhere even to hi-bye friends and they just couldn't keep something to themselves(not all..but mostly). Besides all the girl thing, we still have gatherings for celebrations and birthdays. All the parties went on well and i suppose everyone had a great time especially when it comes to snapping pictures.

Overall the term went on well but because of the misunderstandings around, things have been really different from the previous semester and there were lots of negative feelings from both parties i think...I really hope things will improve after the break but i guess...the chances are slim due to the latest conflict..Looking on the brighter side, without the conflicts, we wouldn't have known the weaknesses of each other. Probably things will be much better when everything is solved. We never know.

Guess thats all for this semester.

A conversation with serena..

So tonight i received a very much shocking news..To me, its not a good news and awhile later i didn't have the mood to study. So i stopped and decided to call my cousin sister. She called back when she was free.I was telling her about my roomies and that i would loved to stay alone the following semester - things would be pretty much good then.

Anyway, her advice was NO ground floors. She told me about her experience when she was in UTM for AIESEC conference. Honestly, if it was me.. i would totally freaked out. But one thing, snakes really do climb walls. Right, so when she checked into the room with her friend (it happens to be at the ground floor), they were curious about this door in the room. My say, I was really glad you opened the door girl..Least you knew else it would be worse. Hehe. When she opened the door, she saw something white dropped from the above and when it turns, it was black. They came to realize that it was a snake, they screamed after awhile(stoned, i supposed..Slow reaction).Of course they shifted to another room after that. And she realize too that snakes climb walls otherwise it wouldn't drop from the above right? See, i told my friends that snakes climb walls but no one seems to believe me..yikes.

Right, so back to this roomie story..Alright, first things first..I did not create trouble here, so no worries people. Its just that there were too many conflicts happening around here lately, i guess it influenced my room too.. haha..A virus spreading around, i suppose. On the whole i think its just a misunderstanding and maybe if we talked it out everything would be fine.. MAYBE. i'm not too sure though, but it would also turned into an argument if we're not careful. So far my other 2 roomates doesn't know about it and i don't know how to voice it out to them. Its concerning about our stay for the next term. Long story and its complicated. Its pretty sad to have these things around. Its uhh..i just don't like it and i feel really sorry for one of my roomie.Nice girl she is. Ouh well... i hope everything goes well or else, this place will not be a nice and comfortable place for me to stay anymore.

Ps:..Thanx for calling. ANd i'll see you back at home!! *hugs*